Angela Koch Graphic Design


This social awareness campaign explores the concept of animal poaching, particularly focused on elephants and the demand of ivory. Despite the ivory trade ban set in place in the late 1980's elephant poaching is still active with lack of enforcement to protect the animals where the tusks are then sold on the black market for a valuable price. Since most of us from North America probably haven't seen an elephant in their natural habitat and we see the animals through the media, at a zoo, or through our childhood toy I decided to focus my audience towards those who aren't aware because they simply don't know it's an issue because they're half way across the world.   

The goal was to maintain a tasteful, serious campaign that shocks the audience in a way without having to post gruesome pictures of the horrific events of poaching. Stuffed animals were the answer. We all loved them as we were children becoming close friends with our fake furry friends. Some may be disturbed that this stuffed elephant is torn apart, but imagine telling your child their favorite stuffed elephant is actually being harmed in worse ways for their tusks because their tusks are deemed "valuable" to humans. That thought alone is quite traumatic.