Angela Koch Graphic Design



A little bit about myself! 

My name is Angela Koch, a Chicago based graphic designer with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Elmhurst College. I have a vast range of work under my portfolio from fine arts and murals to digital and print design working for smaller companies, creative studios, and advertising agencies. I have had experience working with print magazines designing and laying out editorial for museum magazines. I enjoy taking on any new opportunity that will broaden and strengthen my creativity, design, and critical thinking skills. Please reach out should you have any inquiries, opportunities, or would love to learn more about me and my skills! 


CLIENTS and accounts i've worked on:

Delta Faucet
The Art Institute of Chicago
The High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Adler Planetarium
Capri Sun
The Kellogg Company
Jim Beam
UnitedHealth Care
Brisan Group
Consumer Product Dynamics
Go Clean Label