Angela Koch Graphic Design




The Art Institute of Chicago
Adler Planetarium
Capri Sun
The Kellogg Company
High Museum of Atlanta
UnitedHealth Care
Jim Beam


My name is Angela Koch, a Chicago graphic designer with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design alongside a minor in French. The arts have always been in my interest since I was young and quickly enrolled in a local after school art program, the Julien Art Centre, where I continued learning and progressing my fine art skills until I eventually become the art assistant to the teacher. I ended up teaching young kids the skills of drawing and painting that I had learned when I was a student there. With the Julien Art Centre I assisted in mural work which later led to working on my own murals.

With a such a large background in fine arts I did not want to choose between fine art and digital art, graphic design, so I often bring a unique style to the table by combining my fine art skills into my graphic design as often as I can. My art and my style is constantly evolving as I'm constantly inspired. Having studied graphic design in Chester, England, during a semester, I have experienced a universal view for design which has broadened my knowledge. I travelled often to other European cities to study the art and architecture, absorb the culture, and develop as an artist. As an avid French bi-lingualist, the dream is to be surrounded in the city full of inspiration, history, style and art–Paris.